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How can I tell you are not a SPAM site?

Instantcashsweepstakes.com is developed and operated by aytm.com Ask Your Target Market. AYTM, with your help, is revolutionizing the market research industry by making quality market research easily accessible and affordable to businesses large and small everywhere. Visit AYTM to learn more about our team. We'd love to hear any ideas you have to improve the Instantcashsweepstakes experience.

How can you afford to give away money/How are you funded?

We are in the market research biz. While most of the surveys are fun fluff and vehicles to winning the prizes, sometimes you will come across questions in our little survey widget that someone, likely a small biz owner, is asking to help them make an intelligent business decision. They pay us and we share the bounty with you through our cash prizes. We appreciate you providing us with your truthful demographics in your account since that adds value to our service and helps our business and your prize-producing ecosystem remain sustainable. Since we do not ask any personally identifiable information in the demographics questions such as your full name and complete address you should feel assured that even when you tell us your household income, we don't know who you are. Please correct any errors in your demographics. Many thanks for your candor about your demographics. Also, we never share your email address with any 3rd party.

Why should I invite friends to this site? Won't that affect my odds of winning?

Inviting friends helps Instant Cash Sweepstakes grow larger as a community and inviting friends brings the fun of sharing the ICS experience with your peeps. Because we 100% match all lottery tickets and cash prizes (except the $50 daily drawing) your friends win to you, you are increasing your odds of winning a cash prize by having a lot of friends playing. We only allow you to play 5 surveys (base level TrustScore of 1) during every three-hour block of the day. If you get 9 friends also playing to the max then in effect you are getting 50 plays every 3 hours. Take a look at the Past Winners and notice how often members have won a matched prize because of an invited friend's win. This 100% matching wins feature sets us apart!

How can I invite friends so that I get 100% matching wins (except for the $50 daily drawing)?

After you log into your ICS account, click on My Profile, in the top right. In the second tab down, you will see INVITE MORE FRIENDS. Click there to see a widget that you can put on your blog or website, and a link that uniquely identifies you in our system. Copy that link. You can then email it to your friends and explain why you think they should join Instant Cash Sweepstakes. Paste the link in your email and encourage them to click it. It will take them right to our registration page. Make sure to let them know that they should register immediately from that page in order for you to get credit for inviting them. If they follow these instructions you will then get matched 100% for whatever they win. Besides placing the link in your email you can place it anywhere that you think a friend or acquaintance might click it such as in all of your email signatures.

How do I collect my winnings?

We can only pay you through Paypal and you must set up your own account there to receive your winnings. Remember that until you have at least $2.00 in your Instant Cash Sweepstakes account, you are not vested and the money is not yours to claim. The PayPal email address that you supply for payment must be unique in our database. If you supply an address that has already been used by another account we will consider that you have broken our rule of "one Instant Cash Sweepstakes account per user" and your winnings in that account and any cash in all accounts associated with that PayPal email address will be canceled and nullified. Your accounts will also be banned from future wins. Remember that we are committed to keeping a level playing field by strictly enforcing the one account per player rule.

Once your account has reached the $100 threshold, you are REQUIRED to cash out and initiate the transfer of your money to your PayPal account within thirty (30) days. Failure to do so will result in forfeiture of all funds in your account and your balance will be reset to $0.00. We apologize for this rule but we are a small self-funded company that can't afford to have dramatic cash flow swings.

Please note: Failure to log into your account for 30 consecutive days will result in forfeiture of all the funds in your account, regardless of the amount.

How quickly will I get paid once I cash out?

We promise to send the money to your PayPal email address within 72 hours, but in practice we have been doing much better than that. Sometimes we have sent the money to our winners in minutes and usually within 6-8 hours, sleep permitting. Look at our past winners history and you can see when people win, cash out and get paid. It is critical that you supply the correct email address that you registered at PayPal.

How do you determine who wins the lottery drawings for $50 daily and $2 every four hours?

Great question. The short answer is, we're not telling. The longer answer is we have an algorithm constantly being tweaked that is based on random chances along with an effort to maintain fairness. In general, your odds of winning are directly related to the number of lottery tickets you hold at the moment of the drawing relative to the total number of tickets entered in the drawing. For the $2 drawings, your odds of winning are directly related to the number of coins you have entered in the drawing relative to the total number coins entered in the drawing. As for how you answer the survey questions, there are no right or wrong answers in the surveys and YOUR SURVEY ANSWERS HAVE NO AFFECT UPON YOUR ODDS.

Why is someone else winning when I do?

The reason someone is getting matching winnings to yours is because you clicked on their referral link when you signed up for ICS, either knowingly, or not. Be assured that you lose nothing for being their referral. If you would like to get the same advantages of 100% matched wins, then go to your My Profile page and provide your referral link to friends and family or post our widget on your blog or social network page! Please don't ask us to unlink you from them, they worked hard to get you! By the same token we won't unlink any of your referrals from you, either!

Why does PayPal take a fee?

As a business, we are not allowed to send your winnings as a personal "gift". There are tax implications that are too complex to publish here. Even if other sites are doing this, that is their problem should they ever be audited and we have to abide by the tax advice given to us by our accounting firm. The reason why sometimes PayPal takes a fee has to do with an interaction that occurs when the number of daily ACH transactions exceeds a certain threshold relative to what our bank allows. Thanks for understanding!

How do I move my TrustScore up?

Your truthful and accurate demographic answers are measured over time, so the best way to Level Up is to play as often as you can!

Why am I not winning any cash at all?

Our software bans non-US IP addresses from winning, as clearly stated in our rules and registration process, and that is likely the reason.

Why don't I win cash every time I answer a survey?

Because most frequently the prize will be lottery tickets along with one or more coins, and sometimes the prize will be an instant cash prize that will be credited to your account.

The free games you offer aren't working. Can you help?

We are sorry you are experiencing this! However, we just embed the games and can't offer any tech support on them. There are lots of forums and other sites that offer the games, since they are free flash games, so maybe you can find a forum or message board that would have the answer! You could also try accessing the site from a different browser. Alternate browsers, free to download:

Does ICS work in Internet Explorer version 6?


You invited me to be a Pro user, but I don't have a webcam. Is there another way I can be an ICS Pro user?

We are sorry but the webcam isn't optional. Pro users will be recording webcam responses to special surveys to voice their opinions. If you decide to get one, please let us know!

How many times can I play per day?

There are a limited number of plays allowed per player per 24-hour period. The 24-hour clock typically ends in the early evening Eastern Time and may or may not be adjusted for daylight savings time.

I had a lot of lottery tickets yesterday, now when I log in, I don't have any! Why not?

The number of lottery tickets in your account is RESET TO ZERO after each lottery drawing (approximately 7PM Eastern time, daily) and you must rebuild your number of tickets before the next drawing.

I invited someone, but they aren't showing up in my account!

Please write to us at Support@InstantCashSweepstakes.com so we can look into this. Keep in mind that only a single inviting friend can be linked to a member. If two members invite the same new player by an invitation link, invitation widget or other mechanism... the first inviting friend to be linked to that new member "owns" the new member and any other inviting friends are locked out from a prize matching relationship with the new member.