We are in the

market research business


InstantCashSweepstakes.com and its sister website, www.aytm.com, are in the market research business. This kind of research is based upon presenting short surveys to groups of people who share similar demographic characteristics. The identities of the respondents of the surveys are never shared with the businesses ordering the research. In fact, we never ask your real name or precise address. We have no interest in your personal identity.

When playing on ICS, from time-to-time you'll be asked to complete some Market Research (biz) surveys requested by clients of our sister site, www.aytm.com. You were selected to see those surveys based upon your answers to the demographic questions that we'll ask during registration. Your honest answers to these questions help us provide a meaningful service to our clients and enable us to give away thousands in cash and prizes every month.

Lev Mazin, CEO & Co-founder