What Would You Do 3? Raymond C

  1. While shopping you see someone shove some merchandise into a bag and walk out. You...

    1. Follow them and confront them
    2. I steal some stuff too
    3. Yell... STOP!! THIEF!!
    4. Mind my own business
    5. Tell somebody
  2. You win the 85 Million Dollar State Mega Lottery Prize. You..

    1. 10% to charity & hire financial help
    2. Throw a party & tell everyone I know!
    3. Plan my new future with my partner
    4. Cash it & tell no one, secretly help
    5. Hide it
  3. You win the $50 cash prize from InstantCashSweepstakes.com. You...

    1. Yell woo-hoo & tell others to join ICS
    2. Buy my partner a Valentine's gift
    3. Hide it
    4. Give 10% to charity then party!
    5. Thank the one who invited me